What We Offer

  • Safe effective workouts
  • Pleasant non-threatening premises
  • Personal programs
  • Sport specific training or general fitness for all ages
  • Sensible eating weight loss program
  • Sport and Endurance Nutrition
  • Body Building & Shaping (to competition level if required)

We are qualified personal trainers, accredited with Fitness NZ and have REP’s (Register of Exercise Professional’s) registration.

Qualifications include:

  • NZ Certificates in Fitness (NZQA)
  • Netfit Personal
  • Trainers Fat Loss
  • Back & Core Conditioning
  • Body Building/Shaping contest preparation
  • Certified Sport Nutritionist

Our personal fitness experiences include:

Running – We have both completed many marathons, half marathons and endurance events

Power Walking – Greg has been power walking for the last 12 years having completed many long distance events, including Two 2nd placings in the Triple Peaks 50km Cross country challenge.

Cycling – experience with long distance cycling such as around Lake Taupo and the Rotorua to Taupo 100km cycle race.

Body Building – Sheryl has 26 years’ experience in Body building and has won several New Zealand Championship titles plus International titles at;
2014 San Diego Natural Olympia World Championship
2nd Masters Women over 50 yrs
2015 South Pacific Championships Melbourne, Australia
1st Masters Women over 50yrs
2015 Las Vegas Natural Olympia World Championship
1st Masters Women over 60 yrs
2018 Las Vegas Natural Olympia World Championship
1st Masters Women over 60 yrs Body Building
1st Masters Women over 60 yrs Physique

Greg began competing in 2011 (aged 63yrs), with regular success in the Masters Men over 60yrs class
1st NZ Championships 2014
2nd NZ Championships 2015
3rd NZ Championships 2016
1st NZ Championships 2017
2nd NZ Championships 2018, (Men over 70 yrs)
2018 Las Vegas Natural Olympia World Championship
1st Ultra Masters Men over 70 yrs

Contact Details

Fitness Plus - Private Personal Training Fitness Plus
19 Valerie Street
Clive, New Zealand

Sheryl (021) 070-4074

Costs for Personal Training


From 1st January 2022

$66 Per Session
One Person
10 Sessions $600.00
2 People together (each)
10 sessions $370.00

All sessions are of a 45/50min duration.



We take appointments from;
7.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Thursday and 7.00 am to 11.00 am on Fridays.
(Actual available times will always depend on other bookings)

To get started we need to arrange an appointment for your first session, which will be an initial consultation - please phone Sheryl (021) 070-4074. This consultation will take approximately 30 minutes and may include a measure, weigh, skin fold test, blood pressure, and any other assessment that we feel may be necessary. We will discuss your goals, and training needs then plan your appointments.

Fitness Plus Clive is a REPs registered exercise facility

Remember that ‘Results don’t start until you do’

We look forward to working with you,
Greg & Sheryl

Sheryl, Fitness Plus - Private Personal Training

Why Exercise?

10 Good Reasons for Exercising Regularly

More energy
If you are fit you will wake up better prepared to face the day -your capacity for work will be improved and you will not tire so easily.

Less Stress
You will be less anxious, less prone to irritability, feel a lot better about yourself and sleep better. Your pride in your achievement will be the biggest ego boost you could hope for.

Reduced risk of heart disease
Muscles, including the heart get bigger and stronger - the heart can pump more blood so it beats more slowly and is less stressed. Circulation of the blood improves preventing an increase in blood pressure. Exercise helps to prevent the build up of fat and cholesterol in your blood vessels.

Reduced risk of Diabetes
Aerobic exercise increases the sensitivity of the cells to insulin and results in less insulin requirement to regulate blood sugar levels.

The joints stay mobile so you can twist and turn, and move through the full range of movement for each joint without effort.

Weight control
Exercise improves the metabolism and burns extra calories, reducing excess body fat.

Lung Capacity
Lungs strengthened by regular exercise have a greater capacity to absorb oxygen and transfer it to the blood.

Strengthen bones
Weight bearing exercise strengthens the skeletal system, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Reduce the effects of ageing
You are never too old to exercise. A supervised program starts with gentle exertion designed for even the oldest and most unfit people. Exercise helps prevent the joints stiffening up and keeps at bay many of the diseases associated with old age. It also helps prevent the loss of muscle tissue that occurs with age.

Improve posture and body shape
Everyone regardless of their shape and condition can improve their physical condition through exercise.

Greg, Fitness Plus - Private Personal Training

Why Weights? Benefits of Resistance Training

Many people still see weight training as being the same thing as body-building – and avoid using weights because they don’t want to look that big. The reality is that to achieve those proportions requires a specific approach to both exercise and diet, and can require a lot of time.

However, a small amount of regular resistance training will shape and firm your muscles without over increasing bulk, and has a number of other positive effects that have nothing to do with appearance. Here are just a few.....

1. Strength Improves Quality of Life
Having a stronger body improves your quality of life, for the simple reason that everything you do requires some degree of strength. Carrying the shopping from shop to car can be a chore, but with more strength it becomes less of a burden. And anyone with kids will really appreciate the benefits of some extra muscle!

2. More Muscle Burns More Fat
To understand this, think of a car. If you put a bigger engine in a car, it will burn more fuel, even when idling. Similarly, increasing muscle mass increases your metabolic rate – the rate at which you consume calories at rest. This means you will burn more fat in your daily activities, and during other forms of exercise.

3. Strong Muscles Reduce Injuries
Strong muscles are less likely to tear, and also provide support and stability for your joints. And strong lower back and abdominal musculature has been shown in numerous studies to reduce lower back pain. On top of this, weight training (particularly with free weights) improves your ability to control your muscles, increasing the ability to respond to a dangerous situation before joint moves to a dangerous range of motion.

4. Weight Training Strengthens Bones
Bones respond to pressure by increasing their mineral content – particularly calcium. This leads to stronger bones, and is the opposite to osteoporosis. By putting your body under a progressive training load, significant improvement in bone composition can be achieved within a few months.

5. Strength Improves Self-Confidence
Improved self-confidence is something that has been seen time and time again, and this is supported by a number of studies. Knowing that you are strong can increase your ability to stand up for yourself, or to try new things. It can also give you a sense of achievement, if for example you double the amount of weight you can lift in a relatively short period. This can be a pleasant surprise for many people.

6. Muscle Balance Improves Posture
Poor posture is a common complaint today, particularly among those who sit down most of the day. The reason is usually to do with muscle imbalance – as the postural muscles become weaker through lack of use, and stretched from poor sitting positions, the ability of your body to 6 return to, or maintain, correct posture is lost. Appropriate strengthening work can correct the imbalance.

7. Strength Training Keeps You Young
Well, maybe not literally, but it is certainly true that regular resistance training reverses many of the effects of aging. Some of these are: muscle loss, reduction of metabolic rate, loss of bone minerals, arthritic pain, increasing blood pressure, increasing fat levels, reduced circulation and decreasing activity levels.

With all of these benefits to be gained, why wait? Talk to us now.

Contact Details

Fitness Plus - Private Personal Training Fitness Plus
19 Valerie Street
Clive, New Zealand

Sheryl (021) 070-4074

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